Can Pets Get Corona Virus: A Look into CoVid19 and Our Pets

The CoVid19 has completely changed the way of the world we once knew. However, for our pets, it seem as if it’s the best thing to ever happen! When was the last time any of us spent this much time at home?

While our pets may be living their best lives, many pet owners (the Kinn Team included), are worried about the health implications the virus may have on our pets.

Which has left many of us asking, “Can my pet get Covid19?”

A pug named Winston from North Carolina was one of the first known cases of a domestic pet testing positive. Additionally, two dogs in Hong Kong tested positive. Yet, in each instance, these pets were living in homes with owners who had also tested positive for Covid19. This may not inspire confidence and may frighten you, but Hong Kong officials have found zero evidence that pets are playing any significant role in spreading the virus.

“What about cats?”

Unfortunately, our feline friends are no exception here. Two domestic cats in New York have tested positive. Both cats displayed mild respiratory systems and also lived with owners who had tested positive for Corona. Just like dogs, there is still no official evidence that cats are playing any significant role in the spread of the virus. In each case, including the New York Zoo tigers, these cats were living or under the care of someone who was infected.


How Can You Keep Your Pets Safe?

Any pet owner right now wants to know the best way to keep their pet safe right now. While the main issue with Covid19 is that you can be infected without showing symptoms, there are still ways to keep your pets safe.

Seek Outside Care

If you begin to feel ill or show symptoms, seeking outside care is the best way to keep your pet safe. When possible seek family or friends who would be willing to take your pet or a live-in family member who is willing to take over the care duties until you feel better. This is the hardest part, as pet owners enjoy the comfort of their pets when they aren’t feeling well. Is there anything better than snuggling with your pet when you’re sick? No. But because we’re still not sure how negatively this can impact your pet, it’s best to play it safe.

Wash Hands Frequently

No matter how clean you think you are, pets often pick up germs, pollen, bacteria, etc. while outside. Washing your hands frequently after touching your pet is the best way to keep both of you safe. Simply wash your hands after letting them outside or walking them. Avoid strangers petting your dog or cat while out.

Wash Paws After Returning From Outside

Pets paws have nearly zero protection from the ground when walking. Despite options like boots or socks, many pets enjoy the free foot feeling. After your walk, wet a paper towel with warm water and wipe down their paws. This is best for pets who also have allergies to grass or pollens in the air/ground. Bonus points for cleaner furniture thanks to no more dirty paws!

Should I Test My Pet?

Your pet likely does not need to be tested. Any tests done on animals at the moment reduces the availability for people to be tested. If you do have concerns about your pet’s health, please contact your vet and seek their advice.

Stay Safe with Kleanbowl

Kleanbowl was originally designed to improve the quality of life while also improving pet parent and caretaker bonds. Each bowl is made from the sugar-cane by-product that is naturally produced during the sugar cane harvesting process. Each bowl is easily recycled or composted if desired.

Did you know that 67% of pet bowls still have salmonella in them AFTER being run through the dishwasher? Home dishwashers simply do not get hot enough to completely eliminate germs and bacteria.

Many pet bowls are made from stainless steel and from what we know and understand about Corona, it can live on stainless steel for 2 to 3 days. Additionally, Covid19 can live up to 2 to 3 days on plastics and up to 5 days on glass.

Since Kleanbowl is a one-time use bowl, you can rest assured that each time you give your pet a meal, they will be receiving a truly clean bowl. Our stainless steel, no-spill frame can be easily sanitized with a wipe or pet-safe cleaner throughout the day. Though, you do not need to use the frame in conjunction with the bowl if you are worried about the virus living on the frame.