painkiller vs vitamin products

Painkiller vs Vitamin Products

Have you heard of a painkiller product vs a vitamin product? The idea was first established by a venture capitalist in the Bay Area named Kevin Fong. While on the surface his idea seemed like just a cute way to classify products, this classification system has a much deeper meaning.

If you’re not familiar with the concept, we can help! In this post, we’ll be looking at the difference between a painkiller product and a vitamin product. Spoiler alert: they’re both good! We’ll also be explaining which one Kinn Kleanbowl is and why.

Let’s just dive right in!


First, a painkiller product fulfills a need which ultimately eliminates pain immediately. Secondly, a painkiller type of product solves previously unmet customer needs. Finally, consumers not only want to use this product but they need to use it. Despite the connotations that the term painkiller may be associated with, painkillers are actually extremely helpful.

Painkiller products are designed to drive revenue or lower the current costs of business. As a result, painkillers are much easier to sell. To put it into laymen terms: your client has pain and your product takes it away.


Vitamins are just as beneficial as painkillers. In fact, in some cases, vitamins may be more beneficial to your clients or consumers than a painkiller. Vitamins are nice to have and can improve an already existing solution a customer or client may have in place. Vitamins, unlike painkillers, are something that should be used but are not a necessity.

When you think about vitamins you know that you should take them but you don’t always. You know that you can get your vitamins from somewhere else, like in your food. Which means, vitamins are optional. Vitamins, compared to their pain killer counterparts, are dramatically reduced in price.

How to Decide Which Type is Your Product?

So, which type is your product? At the core of any product positioning is the function of value that it creates. While you may be able to ride the wave of perceived value for some time, the reality is that your product needs to be able to create real and tangible value.

When trying to determine if you want to position your product as a painkiller vs a vitamin it’s important to look at it this way:

Do I  want to create a product that people are willing to line up to get or do I  want a product that’s easy to forget?

Let’s be real… when is the last time you remembered to take your vitamins?


The next question you need to ask yourself before determining whether or not you want to position your product as a vitamin or painkiller is:

Would I  pay money for this product right now? 

If the answer is yes, then you have a painkiller. If no, then you have a vitamin. Remember, a painkiller is something that you need to have and you need to have it right now. 

Kleanbowl As a Painkiller

When we thought about which category Kleanbowl fell under we had some back and forth. While Kleanbowls immediately eliminates the need to wash food and water bowls, thus classifying it as a painkiller, it also acts as a vitamin. By boosting employee morale, increasing the time available to be spent with pets, and saving money and time spent on washing dishes, the Kleanbowl could also be classified as a vitamin.

Ultimately we determined that Kleanbowls are a painkiller.


  1. Kleanbowl immediately relieves the “pain” of washing food and water bowls
  2. Kleanbowl is a must-have product for pet care providers, resorts, and facilities who struggle with finding the time to wash and dry food and water bowls
  3. Kleanbowl is 100% germ-free, totally eliminating the spread of germs and diseases spread through food and water bowls
  4. Kleanbowl is a certified FEAR FREE helping to improve the relationship between care provider and pet.


Ready to Relieve Your Pain?

Order your Kleanbowl starter kit today and relieve your pain tomorrow. Kleanbowl offers a painkilling solution that many pet providers assumed was a part of the territory. Want to learn more? Check out our Kinn Kleanbowl Advantages.