Kleanbowl Frames

20 stainless steel frames



Kleanbowl Frames for Pet Professional Use come in 4 sizes 32 oz., 24 oz., 16 oz., and 8 oz. (Bulk case of 20 pieces)

  • SPILL-PROOF: Heavy-duty Frame holds Refill in place with anti-skid rubber ring
  • Germ-resistant Frame is WIPE-CLEAN during a pet’s visit, and dishwasher-safe when needed
  • DURABLE stainless steel frame weighs 20-30% more than most ordinary comparable pet bowls
  • Sanitation Port enables you to move Frame and Refill as one piece for better SANITATION, CONVENIENCE, and TIME/LABOR SAVINGS. Use with hook to prevent sharing & save storage space
  • GUARANTEED: 90-day money back guarantee for healthier pets, healthier planet, & healthier profits

5 reviews for Kleanbowl Frames

  1. Mara

    I do rescue so I have a lot of pets in my home. The daily bowl washing & cleanup was incredibly cumbersome. Now it is a breeze! My routine has gotten a gazillion times simpler & quicker, plus now I’m using the dishwasher more like 1x week instead of daily. It’s great for the earth & my water bill. My cats & Some of my dogs would eat out of anything so they don’t seem to care, but with the other dogs There is definitely a difference. The cleanup aspect for me is definitely worth its weight in gold. Highly recommend!

  2. Dave

    I run a cage free facility and have to have someone in with the dogs at all times. The Kinn Kleanbowls allow me to keep staff to a minimum while traditional bowls would either mean I’m losing someone in the dog area while they wash bowls or I hire someone to wash…..The rings (frames) need to be washed but not necessarily after every feeding, and you will find that they stay pretty clean and a quick wash takes care of it.

  3. Brandi Hopkins (verified owner)

    Works great for feeding AND water! Cuts back on dishes and labor. Also has help with water spills in the room. Not so great for puppies, they like to chew up the paper bowl, but puppies will be puppies. I love that there are a variety of sizes! We use them for both cats and dogs!

  4. Brandi Hopkins (verified owner)

    These bowls are amazing. We use them for both cats and dogs. Water for the dogs and food for the cats. They are easy to clean and store. It cuts back on labor and cuts back on water spill in pets rooms. Not so great for puppies, they like to tear them up, but puppies will be puppies.

  5. Tracie (verified owner)

    We are a brand new Doggie Daycare, Boarding, and Grooming facility and we are so excited to be using the Kinn bowls. It has saved time in washing, but most importantly the sanitation! When we tell our pet parents about the bowls, they know that each pet in our care safety is important. Definitely would recommend!

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