Kleanbowl – 2 Pack

2 stainless steel frames and 7 refills



Kleanbowls come in 4 sizes: 32 oz., 24 oz., 16 oz., and 8 oz. (1 and 2-packs)

  • SPILL-PROOF: Heavy-duty Frame holds Refill in place with anti-skid rubber ring
  • Germ-resistant Frame is WIPE-CLEAN, and dishwasher-safe if needed
  • DURABLE stainless steel frame weighs 20-30% more than most ordinary comparable pet bowls
  • Sanitation Port enables user to move frame and Refill as one piece for better SANITATION and CONVENIENCE.
  • Kleanbowl SAVINGS over the life of your pet are SIGNIFICANT: Dental disease treatment cost, Water, Soap, Energy, Greenhouse Gases Societal Costs, Costs from Unplanned Veterinarian visits, and the Value of Your Time.
  • 2-Packs provide MORE BENEFITS: Use for food and water for healthier pets, greater financial savings, and a healthier planet!
  • GUARANTEED: Use with Kinn Kleanbowl Nourish-Pet Refills for a period of 30 days with a 100% money back guarantee for healthier pets and healthier planet

3 reviews for Kleanbowl – 2 Pack

  1. Margot

    We started using a Kleanbowl for our Wheaten after he started to get sick very often as we weren’t sure if we were causing this with unsanitary bowls. He particularly loves the bowl for his water and has seemed to have better health more recently. Who knows the cause and effect, but regardless, the bowl is a hit in our household!!!

  2. L.A. Novak

    I have Kleanbowls for both of my Lab girls – every time I’ve given them the choice between eating from the Kleanbowl or from their usual clean stainless steel bowl, they choose the Kleanbowl. That tells me a lot! Well made, heavy enough & designed in such a way that they aren’t able to tip the bowl over. Love that the liners are biodegradable, too.\

  3. Bridget

    We use 2 Kleanbowls in our house; one for food and one for water. I clean the frames 2x a week instead of washing bowls 2x a day. I love that this product makes having a clean, germ-free bowl for our pets so easy. Plus, both our dogs prefer the Kleanbowls to their old stainless steel bowls. It’s a win-win in our house!

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