Kinn Kleanbowl Keeps Staff Happy

Struggling to Keep Staff Happy? Try These 4 Tips

Staff drama impacts more than just your co-workers. Drama in the workplace can be seen and felt by customers and can bleed outside of work hours. From staff bad-mouthing your facility to clients and customers picking up on tense energy, drama is never a good thing to have in the workplace.

Keeping staff happy can be tricky. Their life outside of work can impact their mood and their ability to do their job. However, there’s never a bad time to refresh and reset a bad pattern. Here are our favorite 4 tips for helping improve staff morale and keeping everyone happy!

Explicitly State and Document Job Expectations

Explicitly stating and documenting job expectations for each role in your facility can help alleviate employee drama before it even begins. Each of your employees should have a document for their records that clearly states what their roles and expectations are. As their role evolves and expands within your organization, so should their document. With each promotion or job change, they should have a document for their records that notes the changes in expectations.

Switch to Kleanbowls

If you asked every pet care provider what their least favorite chore is at work, it would probably be unanimously washing dishes. Washing dishes can keep pet care providers from spending enough time with pets and prevent providers from going home on time. Kleanbowls completely eliminate the need for washing dishes. Thanks to the biodegradable sugar cane fiber, Kleanbowls can easily be recycled or composted; ultimately saving time and eliminating the pain point of dishwashing. Now everyone’s happy!

Increase Staff Training

Staff training offers you the opportunity to sit down with staff and discuss goals, objectives, and expectations. Increasing staff training isn’t about just getting face-time in with staff, it’s also about providing a platform that allows them to share new ideas, air grievances, and provide a safe space for everyone recalibrate and remember the shared common goals.

Hosting staff training bi-weekly, once a month or whichever frequency works for you and your team can help everyone stay on track and focused. Make sure that with each meeting you have an outlined agenda. This way no one feels as if their time is being wasted.

Evaluate Performance

Members of your staff might not know they’re lacking in certain areas of their job role. By providing regular constructive feedback to staff, both you and staff members will know exactly where they stand with each other. When providing feedback, make sure that you’re focused on what you want to achieve and steps both you and your staff members can take to achieve these goals.


Try Something New

Still, struggling with exasperated and frustrated staff? Sometimes even the best techniques can’t override time-consuming chores like dishwashing. Check out our Staff Training video to learn how simple switching from traditional food and water bowls to Kleanbowl actually is.